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Guided Healing

Guided meditations with healing energy overlaid.

Each guided healing activation session length differs and range from 30 min to 2 hours. Duration is listed with description.

There are three sections below: Free Guided Healing Meditations, Self Guided Healing Meditations for a fee (Coming Soon) and Guided Healing Meditations done through one or more private 1:1 sessions.

Free Guided Healing Meditations

These are guided healing meditations for you to do on your own as often as you feel called.
When starting these meditation, all you need to do is have the intention to release and receive the energy and it will be done for your highest and best good.

Please only run these if you are in a place where you can close your eyes and space out for a bit.
Please also give your body what it needs to integrate the changes - stay hydrated, get good restful sleep and if you can stay away from fear sources.

Daily Energy Reset

This is a short 5 minute exercise to clear your energy field from any cords, thought forms, implants and emotional triggers that are not yours and do not serve your highest and best good.  This is can be done once a day or often as you feel necessary.

To listen to the free exercise, click below.  To get the downloadable link, sign up for my mailing list on the home page and you will get the link to download it in the welcome email.

Listen to Daily Energy Reset

Fear Virus Deactivation

This a short meditation to clear the fear virus from your DNA by:

Repairing genes with the virus embedded  

Releasing trauma and forgiving what is stored in the body that the virus has created.  

Releasing the energy of fear from your auric field  

Breaking your addiction to it  

Get Fear Virus Deactivation

Guided Healing with Private Sessions

These guided healing meditations are done via one or more private 1:1 sessions.
The number of private sessions vary for each of these guided healing meditations.

For these, we walk trough the meditation, together with your higher self and guides. As issues come up within you or from your higher self, we work through the healing needed to let them go. There are specific prompts in each guided healing meditation to bring up stuff to release so you can achieve the goal set by the guided healing.

Heaven's Gate Activation

We will walk together with your higher self facing what keeps you feeling separate from the light beyond Heaven's Gate.  You will face the true nemesis that lurks with in and question it's presence to find the healing needed to let it go. We will also face what keeps you separate from the abundance that Source desires to share with you.  This will allow you to confidently step through the gate, embrace the light fully, receive all Source wishes to share with you and allow you and your higher self to become ever closer.

Two 90 minutes sessions


Get the Heaven's Gate Activation

Unity with the Elements

We will walk together with your higher self to face what keeps you seeing yourself as separate from the elements.  We will start with the 5 elements - water, fire, earth, air and akasha. We will then face those that have sought to keep us separate from them - preventing us from receiving their gifts 1:1.  This is not to place blame put to help the elements reclaim their sovereignty by healing and forgiving the wounds that cause this separation. Once complete, you will have established a new relationship with the elements and empowered each other to get what each needs through each other as one.

Two 90 minutes sessions


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