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The times we are living in now are running parallel to many different time lines from the past.

These timelines are from Atlantis, Lumeria, Ancient Eygpt, pre & post Jesus among many others. There are several iterations of these time lines in play today and many of us have experienced many of them. These timelines hold deep traumas in our DNA that we could be destine to repeat if they are not cleared.

Your Higher Self at this time is calling for you to clear and release the wounds of the past so that a new world can be created from a clean slate without the emotional triggers of the past.  Your Higher Self may also have a lost talent/ gift that he/she wants to bring forward but is stuck in time due to trauma experienced using them then or vows/contracts that were made to the ruling powers of that time not to use them. Either way, the more people who release these wounds through time and space the easier it will be to manifest a better world for us all.

We can and must learn from the past but in order to make a better turn - we must learn without the triggers of the anger, fear, sadness, loss or revenge. Without these triggers, we can see the truth behind them and course correct.

Join me for a 6 week series to clear the wounds of past time lines that no longer serve us or the planet as a whole.

We will be talking a little bit about what was happening in these time lines and what are the possible triggers for today.  I will lead a guided meditation so you can connect to that lifetime to remember any important information that is needed now while I run Higher Self Illumination Healing to clear the trauma you experienced in those lifetimes.  

Week 1 - Atlantean End Times

Week 2 -  Lumerian End Times

Week 3 - Pre/Post Jesus Time

Week 4 - The Fall of the Matriarch & The Patriarchal time lines

Week 5: The Fall from 5d to 4d and then to 3d

Week 6: Future Time lines & Current Manipulation 




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