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5th Dimension and Beyond from the Heart

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This membership program seeks to give you the information, downloads and upgrades recieved from  the Creator, the archangels, guides such as Tesla and galactic beings to keep you moving in alignment with Earth and Universe's ascension.

The speed of ascension has accelerated greatly over the last couple of months and it is only going to move faster as we move through the rest of 2019 and beyond.

My intention is to give you a space where you can get the downloads and upgrades as I receive them. You can do them at your own pace and re do them any time you feel called to do.

Guided "Healing" Meditations

Each meditation is encrypted with healing energy to clear trauma, suppressed emotions, limiting beliefs and contracts/vows that no longer serve you.  These healing meditations will clear this energy back to its source - meaning it will travel back in time to a past life, an ancestral time line or your current one - clearing your entire bloodline of it of whatever is being released.

Illuminating Activations

These activations are meant to loosen the grip of the trauma experienced through multiple life times that prevent you from fully remembering who you are, your purpose and the ancient knowledge you posses that  needs to be re birthed for the new age.

Who are the guides I work with?

I am connected first and foremost to Goddess Isis.  My loving guides who also support my work are the Creator, Thoth, Archangel Metatron, Ma'at, Anubis, Skhemet among others from Eygpt as well as Tesla and Walt Disney.

I have a deep connection to Ancient Egypt as well as Atlantis, Lumeria, and the Jesus timelines.  I channel the energy of the Egyptian pyramids- Each have their own purpose and message.

I am connected to the galactic civilizations - Lyra and Sirius.  I am a Cancerian Leo who is working on balancing a water and fire sign.

Ascension from the Heart Membership

If you would like to experience some of the downloads, meditations and channeled messages first before joining, please join the Ascension into the Heart Facebook group where I share some of these items for free.




Basic Ascension to the Heart Membership (value $40) plus:

One 30 min Higher Self Illumination Reading (value $50)


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1 or more Guided "Healing" Meditations

2 or more Illuminating Activations

One 90 min Q&A session (only for paying members)

Specials and discounts for online courses, events and private sessions

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Basic Ascension to the Heart Membership (value $40) plus:

Two 90 min Higher Self Illumination Healings  (value: $300)

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