Co-Creating with the Divine

Release the beliefs from the past that separate you from
your abundance and partner with all of the universe
to create your soul's deepest desires.
Your 6-week step by step plan to release the wounds of separation, powerlessness and limitation to become one with source and open yourself up to all the abundance of the universe.

Let's get you living the life you fully desire.

I'm In!!

⚡All the Magic Happens Inside of YOU!!⚡

And it all starts with you realizing that
you are NOT separate from anything in the universe.
That's right - everything that is - is part of it all.
You have been living in an illusion of separation that has prevented you from fully aligning with all you desire.
Ready to know know more?

Let's Do This - It's Time to Become One with It All.


Even if You....

⭐ Feel like having all the abundance you desire is a pipe dream.
(not likely to happen 😯)
⭐ Feel like the system is against you having it all. 😯
⭐ Feel like the idea of being one with it all makes you a little uncomfortable.
It's okay. You have lived in the world of separation for centuries. it's been beat into you that the source is outside of you. But the truth is you are NOT separate.

My Story

Five years ago, I published a book. 

Before that my energy healing side hustle was bursting with abundance.

Then it all disappeared when I pressed Publish.


Well I wiped my hands clean of it and was waiting for the universe to do the rest. (I did my part right?)

I did not know it at the time that I was the true source of it not working.

I struggled for far two long - begging the universe to give me what I wanted or at least give me back my thriving side hustle. 

It was until I was open to hear the truth - I was not sourcing what I hope to manifest from within me.  I was putting zero energy towards it.

In shifting that and working through all the limiting beliefs and past life traumas that led me to believe I was separate from what I was trying to manifest, I began to see success in manifesting my desires.

It's takes a deep level of trust - not with the universe - but with yourself. 

And with all the world tells you about abudance and how to get it - it seemed daunting.

But now, it feels more real and doable then ever before.

I'm In!!


Co-Creating with the Divine

Your 6-week step by step plan to release the wounds of separation, powerlessness and limitation to become one with source and open yourself up to all the abundance of the universe.
✨ Course Opens Thursday, October 8th ✨
✨ Group Calls are on Monday starting October 12th. ✨
⭐ Six 60 - 90 minute Live Group Calls ⭐ 6 Guided Healing Meditations
⭐ 6 Co-Creating with the Divine Guided Meditations ⭐ Support through out the program

"“I’ve been a client of Tami’s for over 3 years now. Her healing and intuitive gifts and guidance have helped me connect with my higher self. My work with her has helped me identify and release many blocks and to facilitate the healing of several old wounds (from this and past lifetimes) in order to recognize my soul’s true purpose and calling. I’m beyond grateful and look forward to continuing my healing journey with her.”


Holly M.

"Connecting to my heart and trusting and respecting my intuition have been two of many benefits I have received from Tami support. Freeing myself from guilt and fear, major obstacles in moving forward has been a gift. I encourage others to take advantage of her guidance."


Elaine W.

"Since the early 1980’s I’ve participated in conferences, classes, psychic fairs, 1:1 readers and read many many books. I learned to breathe, to meditate, to petition the angels, the Divine, the gods and goddesses. Something has always been missing. Tami has worked with my blocks, my shame, my guilt – and opened my mind, my energy, my flow. She has done this in person and through phone calls. I’m sensitive to energy, especially emotions – but I don’t hear my guides. Tami worked with them through timelines, through past lives, through her amazing abilities, to heal me and open my energy so I’ve now started to manifest and change my life. I’ll give one example. I’ve meditated on abundance and financial abundance a lot in my life. The past few months I’ve received over $1000 in free services and credits in my checking account. And that’s just one area where things are improving. I know I have a ways to go but my journey is easier now, and I feel more free than I’ve ever felt in my life. Thank you isn’t a big enough word to express my gratitude – but thank you Tami."

Eileen S.

"I’ve never been fully “seen” before meeting Tami. I have worked with many healers and done a lot of therapy in my 39 years. It wasn’t until meeting Tami that my soul and higher self was actually seen for who she truly is. quite frankly it still blows my mind what she helped me do! A big part of my soul was trapped and suppressed for what i feel to be lifetimes/eternity. This part of me brought a lot of petrifying fear and anxiety throughout my life where i was actually nervous to leave my house and felt like i wanted to jump out of my skin. I had a session with Tami and she saw this part of me and helped me become completely sovereign and free. There are absolutely no words to describe this feeling. When you are not free and finally become free, the joy and blissful feeling can’t be rated. I appreciate her from the very bottom of my heart. The fear and anxiety that i carried around for so long is completely gone. She is gifted and can truly “see” the real you. I recommend her as a healer 100%. You won’t regret a session, this is my humble opinion."

Brianna P.

Week by week course breakdown


Week 1: Co-Creating with Source

⚡ Let's talk about the gaping hole in manifesting from the 3rd dimension vs the higher dimensions

⚡   Why you are NOT separate from Source? (and what else this has separated you from)

⚡ How to use the power of Intention to manifest all you desire.

Co-Creating with Source Guided Healing Meditation ✨ 

✨ Clear the blocks of separation ✨ 

🌟Becoming one with what your soul desires Guided Meditation🌟


Week 2: Heal your Past Selves to Become a Manifesting Super Dynamo

⚡ Let's talk about how this life's past identities (teen years, young adult, etc.) have limited your ability to manifest your desires? 

Healing Past Parts of You Guided Healing Meditation ✨ 

Clear the wounds from your first experiences with the "real" world, money and more)

🌟 Joining forces with all versions of you Guided Meditation 🌟


Week 3: Co-Creation Stumbling Blocks Be Gone!

⚡ Let's talk about soul contracts and which ones could spell trouble for your manifesting abilities.

⚡ Let's talk about the not so obvious limiting beliefs that will trip you up on your co-creation journey

 Banish Past Life Co-Creation Trauma Guided Healing Meditation ✨

🌟 Nurturing Your Co-Creation Garden Guided Meditation 🌟 


Week 4: Free Yourself from the Energy of Debt

⚡ Let's talk about how all debt travels though time. (leaving you feeling like you never have enough)

⚡ Let's talk about what type of debt can rob you of your abundant dreams. (grudges, revenge)

 Clearing the Debts of the Past Guided Healing Meditation 

To make room for new abundance to come in.

🌟 Becoming Debt Free Guided Meditation 🌟


Week 5: Reclaim your Money Sovereignty

⚡ Let's talk about the 3d systems that your abundance is all tied up in.

⚡ Let's talk about the vows and contracts that keep you tied to a limited system.

Declaring Your Money Sovereignty Guided Healing Meditation 

🌟 Sourcing Your Abundance Machine from the Universe Guided Meditation 🌟


Week 6: Manifest Your Intentions into Reality

⚡ Let's talk about how to get your source dust to manifest into physical reality.

⚡ Let's talk about what to do daily to keep your intentions juiced.

✨Seeing Mother Earth as Part of the One Guided Healing Meditation 

🌟 Consciously Grounding your Intentions into Mother Earth Guided Meditation🌟

I'm In!
Release the beliefs from the past that separate you from your abundance and partner with all of the universe  to create your soul's deepest desires.
✨ We start Thursday, October 8th ✨
✨ Group Calls are Mondays at 7 PM EST

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