Free Your Soul's True Story

Go from doubting your worth to the confidant, strong and creative soul that knows the universe has your back

Your 4-week step by step plan to release the self-doubt,
and negative thoughts and fully embrace your soul’s story.
Let's get you living the life you fully desire.

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⚡All the Magic Happens Inside of YOU!!⚡

And it all starts with your unique story
You know that part of you that you hide from everyone...
Yeah that part.
It holds all the answers you have been looking for.
Ready to know know more?

Let's Do This - The Time to be YOU Is NOW!!!


Even if You....

⭐ Feel like right now you could - in no way shape or form be worthy of any of it! 😯
⭐ Tremble with fear at the thought of sharing your gifts, ideas and knowledge in front of anyone. 🤢
⭐ Believe there is no one who would give a rat's a$$ about what you do - you know it's not anything special right? 🤷

Breathe - It's going to be okay - I got your back. I've been here. The best part is what I teach is simple and fun. I know it works because it has changed my life so much that I no longer recognize my old shy, quiet self.

My Story

I was 5'8" at 10.  I grew 6 inches in one summer.

Life changed over night.

I no longer fit in the desk and I towered over my teacher.

My mother bought me plus size clothes and high tops became my saving grace.

The outside stuff wasn't the whole story.

I was having premonitions and could hear voices

Being raised a Roman Catholic, I knew there was not way in hell I was telling anyone.

I fell into myself and slammed the door.  

Then one day, a friend asked me if I could hear voices.  I swallowed hard and answered yes....

She smiled and told me I should listen to them.

And the she then introduced me to ThetaHealing©, an energy healing modality that works to clear limiting beliefs.

These 2 things changed everything. I now have:

  Written and self-published a book

 Spoken in front of 100 people on stage.

I have to say, the biggest surprise has to be sharing that I can hear voices. I am still dumfounded by how many find it cool and want to be able to do the same.

Now I am sharing the steps that took me through this transformation so it can happen for you too.

I'm In!!


Free Your Soul's True Story

Your 4-week step by step plan to release the self-doubt and negative thoughts and fully embrace your soul’s story. Let's get you living the life you fully desire.
✨ Starts Wednesday, September 9th ✨
⭐ Four 90 minute Group Coaching Calls ⭐ Private FB Community ⭐ 4 Guided Healing Meditations ⭐4 Deepening Your Connection to your Higher Self Meditations ⭐

"“I’ve been a client of Tami’s for over 3 years now. Her healing and intuitive gifts and guidance have helped me connect with my higher self. My work with her has helped me identify and release many blocks and to facilitate the healing of several old wounds (from this and past lifetimes) in order to recognize my soul’s true purpose and calling. I’m beyond grateful and look forward to continuing my healing journey with her.”


Holly M.

"Connecting to my heart and trusting and respecting my intuition have been two of many benefits I have received from Tami support. Freeing myself from guilt and fear, major obstacles in moving forward has been a gift. I encourage others to take advantage of her guidance."


Elaine W.

"Since the early 1980’s I’ve participated in conferences, classes, psychic fairs, 1:1 readers and read many many books. I learned to breathe, to meditate, to petition the angels, the Divine, the gods and goddesses. Something has always been missing. Tami has worked with my blocks, my shame, my guilt – and opened my mind, my energy, my flow. She has done this in person and through phone calls. I’m sensitive to energy, especially emotions – but I don’t hear my guides. Tami worked with them through timelines, through past lives, through her amazing abilities, to heal me and open my energy so I’ve now started to manifest and change my life. I’ll give one example. I’ve meditated on abundance and financial abundance a lot in my life. The past few months I’ve received over $1000 in free services and credits in my checking account. And that’s just one area where things are improving. I know I have a ways to go but my journey is easier now, and I feel more free than I’ve ever felt in my life. Thank you isn’t a big enough word to express my gratitude – but thank you Tami."

Eileen S.

"I’ve never been fully “seen” before meeting Tami. I have worked with many healers and done a lot of therapy in my 39 years. It wasn’t until meeting Tami that my soul and higher self was actually seen for who she truly is. quite frankly it still blows my mind what she helped me do! A big part of my soul was trapped and suppressed for what i feel to be lifetimes/eternity. This part of me brought a lot of petrifying fear and anxiety throughout my life where i was actually nervous to leave my house and felt like i wanted to jump out of my skin. I had a session with Tami and she saw this part of me and helped me become completely sovereign and free. There are absolutely no words to describe this feeling. When you are not free and finally become free, the joy and blissful feeling can’t be rated. I appreciate her from the very bottom of my heart. The fear and anxiety that i carried around for so long is completely gone. She is gifted and can truly “see” the real you. I recommend her as a healer 100%. You won’t regret a session, this is my humble opinion."

Brianna P.

Week by week course breakdown


Week 1: Free Your Inner Child's Story

Live Group Coaching Call ⚡

⚡ Your inner child sees you in a different light...and it is not how you think.

⚡  Your inner child will sabotage you with feelings of unworthiness if it doesn't feel safe... 

🌟 Creating a deeper connection to you inner child guided meditation 🌟

✨ Guided Healing Meditation ✨ 

Free Yourself from the hurt from:

✨ The hurtful words spoken to you as a child. (you know the ones) 

  Knowing that you had something inside of you that people would never understand

✨ All the tears you swallowed and the anger you suppressed. (They don't just magically disappear)

✨ Learned programming that allowed you to lose connection to your soul's story.


Week 2: Heal the Past to See the Truth of Who You Are

⚡ Live Group Coaching Call ⚡

⚡ Clues in your soul's past lives hold the secret of who you really are. 

⚡ Access the knowledge from your soul's past to help you now.. do you wanna know how?

🌟 Aligning with your soul's past guided meditation 🌟

✨ Guided Healing Meditation ✨ 

  Free Yourself from the hurt from:

✨ Fearing your own power, gifts, knowledge and truth.

The shame felt for who you are and what you can do.

Being hunted, exiled or banished for using your gifts or knowledge.

Having to give your gifts away to not stir the pot and bring attention to yourself.


Week 3: Owning the true YOU!

Live Coaching Call ⚡

⚡ Why labels diminish your light...(they are not who you are)

⚡ What is your Soul's true I AM declaration? And how to use it to boost your confidence and own your worth.

🌟  Find your own unique path guided meditation 🌟 

Guided Healing Meditation ✨

Free Yourself from the hurt from:

✨ Needing a label to prove your worth.

✨ The belief that you need to learn more before you can be the best you.

✨ Judgment from family/friends for not following the path, they feel you should. 

⚡ Being spiritually attacked for not following someone else’s ways.


Week 4: Your soul’s true story revealed

Live Coaching Call ⚡

⚡ Under all the layers - who lies waiting to be discovered?

⚡ How to align with your soul’s story for more freedom, abundance and joy in your life.

🌟 Align and deepen your connection to your soul's true story guided meditation 🌟

Guided Healing Meditation 

✨  Forgive yourself for not always following your soul's guidance.

✨ Forgive yourself for letting soul inspired ideas sit on the shelf and gather dust.

Release the trauma of wanting to follow your heart but needing to do something else to survive.

✨ Release the energy of ideas no longer in alignment to make room for new ones.


I'm In!

Ready to Go from self-doubt to the confidant, strong and creative soul that knows the universe has your back   

✨ We start Wednesday, September 9th ✨

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⭐Four 90 minute live Group Coaching Calls

⭐ Four Guided Healing Meditations (Pre-recorded)

⭐Four Deepening Your Connection to your Soul Meditations (Pre-recorded)

⭐ Private FB Community  

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