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Higher Self Illumination Healing©

It's Time to Remember Who You Really Are

75 Minute Private Session - $150
Available Online via Zoom

Working with your Higher Self and your spirit team, I help you work through the wounds of the past that prevent you from honoring and being your truest self.  These maybe genetic wounds passed to you through your genetic lineage or it may be from past lives you experienced 100s if not 1000s of years ago.  

During a session, we will connect to those events that need to be consciously remembered and then run the energetic healing from Creator that is needed to heal in on the DNA level all the way back to its source. 

I also help you bring forth and activate the ancient gifts and knowledge that you hold in your DNA so you can start to align with your soul’s mission. 

I do this with a number of tools some of which your higher self may show me during a session that are just meant for you in that moment.  Some of tools I have used are ThetaHealing®ancient Egyptian healing, listening to the cells and healing the trauma they hold. and channeling of your spirit guides and ancestors.  

A Higher Self Illumination session can assist with: OCD, anxiety, feeling stuck or alone, fear that keeps you stuck, breaking “bad” habits, self-confidence, grief & loss, family troubles, genetic Trauma passed from generation to generation, developing your psychic abilities and more.

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