Ancestral DNA Readings

Connect with your ancestors, past life teachers and masters

30 min: $40 / 45 min - $60 / 60 min - $80  Accept Cash, Check or Credit Card for payment. Available via Zoom or over the phone or In-person in my office in Wallingford.

During these readings I connect to your DNA and channel the information on your DNA that is most pressing for you at this time in your life. 

This could be information that can help you upgrade your frequency and maintain it with more ease or a past life ancestor, teacher or master that you are energetically connected to thru your DNA may come through with a message about your soul’s mission and purpose. 

What comes through depends on what is priority for your higher self at this time of your awakening. 

I am not the reader for you if you are looking for a specific person to come through or you are looking for timelines for things to happen in your life. 

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I offer several different lengths of readings and prices, please select what you would like to schedule below.

30 Min Ancestral DNA Reading


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45 min Ancestral DNA Reading


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60 min Ancestral DNA Reading


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