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Reclaiming Sovereignty
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Two Weeks of Healing
Group Program

Starts June 2
Manifest a New World Meditation - June 30 @ 6:30 PM EST

We have entered a window of time where we have the opportunity to create a new and beautiful world for all souls - humans, animals & flora -  that call Earth home. One filled with abundance, peace and joy for all where we live in harmony with Mother Earth and Father Sky.

In order to access the energy to create this, we must first clear the trauma and forgive what we view as being "bad" or "evil".  These could be people, events, organizations or technology that are viewed as doing things not for yours and the world's greater good

In the higher dimensions outside of 3D/4D, duality does not exist.  We do not get there by focusing on one side of the coin - dark/light.  We get there by finding the middle ground through forgiveness and the dissolving of oaths, vows, commitments that keep us in a duality mindset.

The "Ivory Tower"

In the time of disclosure, there is a lot of dark being exposed.  While it is easy to dive deep into these rabbit holes and get yourself emotionally involved, these rabbit holes are not the way forward.  If allowed they can be distractions away from the work that we each need to do to right the wrongs so we can create something new.

The items of disclosure and the people / organizations that surround them are contained within what I see as an ivory tower.  Within the tower a game is being played, where many are lured in through the promise of abundance and power. Once in they realize the truth but have no way out without harm.


Through time and space, we as individuals and the collective have all given our power over to the ivory tower.  At one point, we each gave up our own soul's sovereignty consciously(for most this happened in Atlantis) and once that happened we easily gave up more and more sovereignty subconsciously.  We became more easy to control and manipulate.

We must now reclaim our sovereignty by resolving the ties we have granted to the ivory tower individually and as a collective. We must also clear the trauma these ties have caused over time and forgive those involved in the ivory tower game.

Through forgiveness, we each can take back our power to create a new and better world for all - one not based on what the ivory tower wants us to fear but created from love from our heart.

Six Guided Healing Meditations

Guided Healing is pre-recorded.


This guided healing is focused on healing the trauma from centuries of abuse to Mother Earth's environment and the elements - fire, water, air, earth and akash.  We will also be doing healing on trauma that the elements may have caused you and your ancestors.  (ex. pollution, production of energy, man made chemicals, weather, climate change)


Earth's Inhabitants

This guided healing is focused on healing the trauma concerning earth's inhabitants.  These are the animals, fish, reptiles - in current time and prehistoric.  Healing the trauma caused by man. (ex. animal testing, hunting, deforestation).  We will also be healing the wounds to humanity caused by the tower that keep us separate. These are things like war, class systems and culture clashes.

Nature's Wisdom

This guided healing is focused on healing the trauma that separates us from the natural healing ways of Earth. This is the battle between western and eastern methodologies and "alternative treatments". (ex. herbs, homeopathy, energy healing modalities) We will also heal any trauma in your genetic line where the western, eastern or "alternative" way has caused harm.


This guided healing is focused on healing the trauma from centuries of abuse to Earth's food systems.  This is the hybridization of crops to make them more profitable but less digestible, GMOs, pesticides/herbicides, "Faux" ingredients and commercialization. The elements will be brought back into this as connecting to the elements within our food is a lost art that needs to be revived.

Wall Street

This guided healing is focused on healing the trauma from centuries of abuse to Creator's natural order of abundance.  These are systems, organizations and events that the tower has created to manipulate abundance so that it creates have and have nots. (ex. the stock market, the great depression, credit cards, slavery). We will also clear the notion that we must trade time to receive abundance     


This guided healing is focused on healing the trauma caused by technology and science for profit or control through the centuries.  The focus is on those that caused harm to us and earth's inhabitants.  (ex. weapons for war, tracking, social media)  We also clear any were in time where you or an ancestor had their hand in creating technology that does not serve the greater good.

"ivory tower" power-ups

When you first see the ivory tower and those contained within it, it can bring up deep feelings of anger, hate, fear and resentment.  While these are fine for a bit, letting them simmer over time is not.  

These feelings cause your body & mind large amounts of stress.  We know stress can cause lowered immunity and cause anxiety.  This is not good for you in the long run.

While you have their attention as you focus in on the rabbit hole that anger, fear and hate is fueling the ivory tower.  This is exactly the energy - they want to receive from us.  Even though we "know" the truth, they still have the upper hand.

How do we change it?

We must look at who or what is in there - past and present and forgive it.  As long as we hold onto it, it has power over us.  

When we forgive it, we let go of the energy it holds over us.  We break the chains that allow them to feed off the anger, hate and fear.  And in that moment, learn from it, move on and then put that energy towards creating what we do want. When we forgive, we do not forget nor do we turn a blind eye.  We choose to not put any more energy towards what we don't want.  Instead, we focus on putting energy towards what we do want.

We can create a better world for everyone and every thing but we will not do it through anger and fear.  If we do, we will just create more of the same.  But when we break the chains, we can create a world full of abundance, peace and joy for all.


Join the Movement

Starts Tuesday, June 2nd at 6:30 PM EST.

Registration closes at midnight on June 1st.

Group Program Includes

Access to all 6 guided healing recordings

(per-recorded and dripped to you over a 2 week period)

Two New 90 min Reclaiming Your Sovereignty Ivory Tower Guided Healings

Live through Zoom

Friday, June 4 @ 6 PM EST

Wednesday, June 10 @ 6:30 EST

Two Live Q & A Calls 

Tuesday, June 2nd @ 6:30 PM EST

Monday, June 15. 6/12 @ 6:30 PM EST

Private FB Group

 Sovereignty for the Soul

Access to all future group runs until the program comes to an end.

Access to the Monthly Manifest a New World Group Meditation

June 30th @ 6:30 PMEST.


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