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You know you are supposed to be doing something else. 

You can feel it, but you don't know what "it" is or you don't know how to make "it" happen. 


--- A Soul Purpose Reading ---

Gain clarity on what "it" is and what you need to do or shift to make it a reality.


The only problem with following your soul's purpose is there a million distractions and possibilities that can get you lost, turned around and ready to give up!


Maybe you been desiring to align with your soul's purpose for a while, but you...

✨ Feel lost as to where to start to figure out what your soul purpose actually is.

 ✨ Don't feel confident about your ability to make the right choices to align yourself with your soul's purpose.

 Get super overwhelmed thinking about what you might need to shift your life from where you are to being in alignment with your soul's purpose.

Don't totally understand how to know what your soul's purpose is...

✨ You never get clarity on what your soul wants you to do or how it communicates with you what it wants.  (Signs - how do you feel you do with those?)

✨ You have tried somethings that you thought were part of your soul's purpose, but none of it felt "right", so you keep searching....

✨ You struggle with knowing what the steps are after you think you know your soul's purpose.  (Many do know but they get stuck here because they don't know how to make it a reality)

Either way, it feels like every time you dream about living in alignment with your soul's purpose, you see someone else that seems to have it all living their soul's purpose dream life....and you are sick of feeling left in dust....

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I get it when I first started aligning my life with my soul's purpose, I had no idea what I was supposed to be doing....


But here is the thing: You have to start somewhere. and no matter where you are, we are going to find you that place to start.

The truth is there are many people who would prefer you to continue to follow society's "golden path" - college, job, marriage, kids, etc.

And what does that create - ALOT Of DISTRACTIONS that take you away from your soul's purpose & path.

So, if you are feeling like you are doing everything you can, and nothing is working, or it doesn't feel right...

It's probably because of the beliefs you were taught from a young age that were not meant for you to find your soul purpose but to follow society's "golden path".

Cool, cool...How do I know your reading and advice is any better than what I have already tried?

(Because I practice what I preach, which has created a soul aligned business making 5k plus a month plus my own energy healing modality and a published book.)

After walking away from my soul sucking corporate job and building a sustainable and growing soul aligned business, I knew had to teach others how to do the same....

..And developed my own signature strategy to help you figure out what your soul purpose is, how to navigate the path to creating a soul purpose driven life and living it full out as you inspire others to do the same. 

Within in days of implementing this strategy, I started to get clearer breadcrumbs (signs that include an action from me) from my guides on what I should be doing with my life. One breadcrumb led to another and another- allowing me to transform my life confidentially one step at a time.

Your soul's purpose is not 1 thing - it's a journey with a whole host of amazing experiences and all you need to do is find your next step and follow the breadcrumbs.

Today, I am still using this strategy. 

And no matter what is going on in my life and how it is shifting as I move into the next level of my soul purpose, this strategy consistently gets me to that next step with ease.

Wondering how you can do the same? I’ve got the solution...

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