Upcoming Classes

I offer a combination of classes depending on what is being taught. Some classes are only available online while others are only In-Person. Most of my classes can taken either in Online via Zoom or In-Person. Please find where each class is held in the class descriptions.

Spiritual Wisdom Circle

Every Wednesday @ 6:30pm

In-Person @ Well Being Is, Wallingford, CT or Online via Skype/Zoom

We gather to talk about ancient times: Egypt, Atlantis, Lumeria, age of Jesus, Celtic/Druids and more.  We look to reconnect to our own history and memories from those times.  Helping each other have the confidence to bring forth the knowledge and gifts that we once used to help others - heal, grow and leap.

Some of the ways we are connecting to our past is through meditation, healing, books and videos.


Embrace Life: Free of Fear & Doubt with ThetaHealing®

Thursday, Jan 17th @ 6:30pm

The Hidden Gem on Main, Wallingford, CT

It’s is time to let go of the fear, anxiety, doubt and worry you feel about life and the world around you so you can feel freer to live the life that your soul so wants you to live. We were not meant to live life in a state of perpetual fear and anxiety. We are here to explore who we are and fulfill our life purpose. 

Cost: $25

Class is limited to 15.


Mental Weight Loss Game

Saturday, January 19, 2019 @ 11am

Well Being Is, Wallingford, CT

You have tried every diet - spent more money then you care to think about and yet still you find yourself at square one.  You just want it gone and you do not know how. 

What if there was a different way and it did not focus on food and exercise but instead focused on you - not the you that see in the mirror but the you inside you waiting to be freed.

Join me for a night where I share with you a way to tune into your body - the inner you - to feel and heal what holds you in this endless cycle.  We will be using breathing techniques, meditation and energy healing exercises to do this.  You do not need to have experience with this - you just need to be open to it.

Cost: $25

Class Limited to 6


Intro to ThetaHealing®

1st Monday of the Month @ 6:30pm - Starting January 7, 2019

Well Being Is ~ Wallingford, CT

Learn some of the benefits of how ThetaHealing might be able to help you spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically. Learn more about the ThetaHealing® technique that everyone is talking about and start your ThetaHealing journey today!


Remembering your Past Lives

Tuesday, January 22, 2019 @ 6:30pm

$25 - Online via Zoom

The knowledge, the trauma, and the experiences of your past lives are waiting to be rediscovered so you can heal the wounds that prevent you from remembering the truth about who you are and what you are really cable of.


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