Upcoming Classes

I offer a combination of classes depending on what is being taught. Some classes are only available online while others are only In-Person. Most of my classes can taken either Online via Zoom or In-Person. Please find where each class is held in the class descriptions.

Higher Self Ancient Times Past Life
Healing Series

Feb 25 - March 31 @ 7 PM EST

The times we are living in now are running parallel to many different time lines from the past.

These timelines are from Atlantis, Lumeria, Ancient Eygpt, pre & post Jesus among many others. There are several iterations of these time lines in play today and many of us have experienced many of them. These timelines hold deep traumas in our DNA that we could be destine to repeat if they are not cleared.

This class is online via Zoom and will be recorded so you can listen later if you are unable to make the call.

You may purchase individual classes for $30 each or purchase all 6 for $150.

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Higher Self Illumination Healing Classes

General topic Higher Self Illumination Healing classes that are offered regularly are:

  • Owning Your Power
  • Embrace Life: Free of Fear and Doubt
  • Demystifying your psychic senses
  • Connecting to your Higher Self

The current schedule is on my Facebook page.

I also offer ThetaHealing practitioner classes.  The current schedule for these classes can be found here: https://www.wellbeingis.com/thetahealing

Ancient Civilization and Ascension

Learn about ancient civilizations - Eygpt, Atlantis, Jesus times, the pyramids, starseeds, ascension and the 5th dimension.

Current classes

  • Connecting to Pyramid Consciousness
  • Living from the Heart
  • Heart and 3rd Eye Activation

Current Schedule is on Facebook.

Meditations in the Salt Cavern

Experience a journey back to the pyramids, ancient Egypt and beyond or go on journey with Higher Self to get clarity on your propose or remember ancient knowledge from past lives.

Classes offered are:

  • Journey to the Sphinx: Aligning with Your Divinity
  • Connecting to Your Divine Abundance at Saqqara
  • Connecting to Your Higher Self's Divine Mission
  • Remembering Your Gifts with your Higher Self as Your Guide

Current class schedule is on Facebook 

Mental Weight Loss Game

Fall 2019

You have tried every diet - spent more money then you care to think about and yet still you find yourself at square one.  You just want it gone and you do not know how. 

What if there was a different way and it did not focus on food and exercise but instead focused on you - not the you that see in the mirror but the you inside you waiting to be freed.

Join me for a night where I share with you a way to tune into your body - the inner you - to feel and heal what holds you in this endless cycle.  We will be using breathing techniques, meditation and energy healing exercises to do this.  You do not need to have experience with this - you just need to be open to it.


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