Calling Awakened Enlightened Souls

It's time to remember your Divine gifts.
The answers you seek are within your heart.
Only you know what they are.
But you need not go it alone.
Let's have chat for 30 minutes - it's on me

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Soul Luminary© Center

A Community for Awakened and Enlightened Souls

Bringing together and connecting like-minded souls to provide the support to bring forth our greatest ideas for a better future for all.

Upcoming Events

Spiritual Wisdom Circle

Starts Thur. Sept 20th @ 6:30pm

Meets every Wednesday @ 6:30pm

Available Online via Zoom

and In person @ Well Being Is 


Women's Goddess Circle

Starts Thursday, Sept 20th

Meets twice a month

1st Tuesday of the Month

3rd Thursday of the Month

7pm - 8:30pm

Well Being Is ~ Wallingford

The Art of Being Psychic

Oct 9, 2018 @ 7pm

The Red Barn in Durham

Durham, CT

Higher Self Illumination Healing©

Higher Self Breakthroughs
Facilitating healing and channeling messages from Source, your higher self and spirit team to bring forth the healing and knowledge that is needed to for you to fully use your unique gifts and integrate with your truest self.

Online Programs

Soul Luminary Membership

The universe is expanding rapidly. Every day new energy is moving in to upgrade us and challenge us to create something completely new. This membership will give you access to the information downloads as they come in through writing, meditations and activations.

Learn More

Psychic Art Development

Coming Soon!

Are ready to embrace your psychic senses and develop them to their full potential?  This course not helps you connect without own psychic skills but assists you in making them work for you so build more confidence in using them.

Spiritual Tech Warrior

Holistic Web Design and Business Development

Do you have a Spiritual or Holistic business?  Do you struggle with technology and marketing such as your website, email marketing, events and online course content? This is not your genius and you are not meant to do it on your own.  Join forces with me and let me help you get your tech usage in order so that it benefits you instead of being a time suck. Learn More

Soul Luminary Voices© Podcast

Sharing the Voices of Spiritual Leaders & Visionaries

A podcast for spiriutal leaders who seek a platform to increase their ability to connect with the people they are here to help.  This podcast features spiritually minded women and men from all cultures. We share our future visions, our passions and provide the guidance to the listening audience that they can use to step into their power with confidence.  Coming Soon!!

Collaborate IT

Re-inventing the world of IT

I have spent 20+ years in the IT Industry and it is in a desperate need of a reboot.  There are many IT professionals that really love what they do but feel left behind by businesses more focused on $$ instead of the value they bring.  This is idea is in it's beginning stages - right now the focus will be on IT professionals who feel stuck or just want more out of life and their work. I am looking to do this by bringing us together, having us share or skills and collaborate on new ideas.  Coming Soon!

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