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Upcoming Events

Higher Self Ancient Times Past Life Healing Series

The times we are living in now are running parallel to many different time lines from the past.

These timelines are from Atlantis, Lumeria, Ancient Eygpt, pre & post Jesus among many others. These timelines hold deep traumas in our DNA that we could be destine to repeat if they are not cleared. Learn More

The series starts Tues. Feb 25 @ 7pm EST and runs through March 31.

Online via Zoom and will be recorded.

You may purchase individual classes for $30 each or purchase all 6 for $150.

To purchase individual classes, click here.

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ThetaHealing: Basic DNA

Start your journey to becoming a ThetaHealing® practitioner with this exciting class that will open up your eyes to see the world around you in a different light, increase your intuition, and feel more joy and happiness in life.

Fairfield, CT /Bridgeport, CT - Black Rock Area (Full address provided when registered)

Mar 13-15, 2020 - 10am - 5pm

Cost: $500 (includees $100 non-refundable deposit)

Class limited to 8

Email [email protected] to register or get more info

Private Higher Self Illumination Healing© Sessions

Available in Norwalk, CT (starting Oct 2019), Wallingford, CT & Remote (over the phone/FB messenger/skype)

To schedule session in Norwalk, please email - [email protected]

Higher Self Illumination Healing©

Facilitating healing and channeling messages from Source, your higher self and spirit team to bring forth the healing and knowledge that is needed to for you to fully use your unique gifts and integrate with your truest self. 

Available in Norwalk, Wallingford & Remote

To schedule session in Norwalk, please email - [email protected]

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in Wallingford or Remote

Higher Frequency Mind & Body Healing 

Your body’s cells hold memories of traumatic events experienced in this life or in a past one.  These traumas can cause pain the body as your cells are attempting to call attention to an emotional or physical trauma trapped in the body.  The goal is to identify the source of the trauma so that area of your body can relax and heal. 

Available in Norwalk, Wallingford & Remote

To schedule session in Norwalk, please email - [email protected]

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in Wallingford or Remote

Light Bridge Expansion

As we raise our frequency thru meditation and spiritual healing, our body’s systems and energy centers need to also be upgraded.  Without the upgrade, we are attempting to put 100 watts of energy into a 10 watt bulb.  Are souls are realizing limitless and expansion and our bodies need to be tuned to that. 

Four 90 min Sessions - spaced 1 - 2 weeks apart

Available in Norwalk, Wallingford & Remote

To schedule session in Norwalk, please email - [email protected]

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Holistic Web Design & Business Development

Spiritual Tech Warrior

Holistic Web Design and Business Development

Do you have a Spiritual or Holistic business?  Do you struggle with technology and marketing such as your website, email marketing, events and online course content? This is not your genius and you are not meant to do it on your own.  Join forces with me and let me help you get your tech usage in order so that it benefits you instead of being a time suck. Learn More

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