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Work with Tami


Private 1:1 Offerings

Higher Self Alchemy


Work your Higher Self to transmute the wounds of the past that are preventing you from remembering more of who you are.

Private 1:1 Sessions with Tami

Ancestral Healing 


Connect with your ancestors to get messages and help heal the suffering that is being passed from generation to generation.

Private 1:1 Sessions and Groups

Activating Your Mastery  Mentorship

Activate the gifts your higher self is guiding you to embrace by working with Tami on a weekly or bi-monthly basis.

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Group Classes & Meditations 

ThetaHealing Practitioner 


Online & In-Person

Basic DNA, Advanced DNA, Dig Deeper and Manifesting Abundance

Live Group Classes 

De-mystified the story of who you are at the core and learn how to harness the power within you.

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Guided Healing Meditations

Take a journey with your unseen friends as they help you heal the wounds preventing you from honoring and integrating the truth of who you are.  

HigherLove4All© Podcast

Inspiration for a Soul's Journey

Created to inspire and uplift you as you walk your own spiritual journey.


Each of us has a purpose for being here during this time as Earth and all her sentinel beings evolve into the next level of consciousness. We will dive into exploring the multi-verse through the topics needed for the healing of the planet and all the beings that call her home.

This show is divinely orchestrated through my work with source energy, ascended masters, our ancestors and the many angels and star beings working behind the scenes to help you have the courage to make the leap of faith to come home to yourself as source created you.

Now is the time to remember who you really are and free yourself from the constraints that society has placed on you to become one with it all. 

One Love – One Planet – One Source 

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You are more than just who you are today.

This one life is just a blimp of the totality of who you really are.  You are greater than what society or your family has taught you to be. You were created for greatness, beauty, peace, abundance and joy.  You are being called back to remember who source created you to be and why.

Your Higher Self invites you to dive into the truth of who you are.

Your Higher Self is the embodiment of every life yu have ever lived. They know where you have suffered deep trauma that now limits your ability to remember your innate gifts, knowledhe and propose.