Ever feel like something was missing or that life was supposed to be better than it is or just different?  Well all along, your soul has been gently nudging you to switch to a different path - one that is aligned to your soul's purpose.

Sacred Blue Lotus Alchemy is a unique set of pathways for you to slowly (or quickly) awaken your mind, body and soul to shift your life, so you create a purposeful and abundant life while using your spiritual gifts to make a lasting impact on humanity and Earth.

The Sacred Blue Lotus Alchemy is the pursuit of all areas of spirituality - divine feminine & divine masculine, Creator & Mother Earth.  The ascension process requires balance between the two to become the bridge between heaven & earth.


Fantasy Fiction coming Summer 2024.

Stay tuned!

Sacred Blue Lotus Pathways

This energy modality guides you into remembering how to work with Higher Self.

In working with your Higher Self you gain incredible insight to who you are and what you are really here for. As well as insight into the past life wounds holding you back and how to heal them. 
Self-Healing & Practitioner Classes available.

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The Millionaire Within Program on how to be in a way of being where the money comes naturally with ease, no struggling, begging or sacrificing.  

It is knowing that everything is always working out for you.

It's how you feel when you spend money. It's how you present yourself. It's how you show up in your life. 

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Working with your Higher Self and your spirit team, I help you work through the wounds of the past that prevent you from honoring and being your truest self.

We will connect to those events that need to be consciously remembered and then run the energetic healing from Creator that is needed to heal it on the DNA level all the way back to its source. 

Once cleared, you Higher Self will provide clarity on your next steps.

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You were meant for more. You can feel it.  You have big dreams, but the fear or the "how" prevents you from going for it.

No more! It is time for YOU to leap and create the life you were MADE FOR - ABUNDANT, MAGICAL, PURPOSEFUL, JOYFUL and FUN!

In this group program, you will join forces with other alchemists ready to play BIG, while receiving support & knowledge to answer your own soul's calling.

Coming June 2024!

Have a dream to start your own business, travel the world, become an artist or a writer, but haven't been able to get out of your way?

Ready to GO FOR IT ALL!

It is time for you to put your ideas into action and create the soul led life your heart desires. It is what you were made for!

Remember who you are at your own pace with private 1:1 support and access to the Sacred Blue Lotus Alchemy courses that propel you to your next level of mastery.

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Your body is assimilating to higher frequencies of light every day. Solar flares, Schuman resonance spikes, unmeasurables can make the awakening process hard on the body.

Light therapy is a tool to help your body integrate the upgrades and downloads while keeping you grounded and energized in your day to day. While also increasing your intuition, opening your 3rd eye and other psychic gifts.

This experience takes on you on a path of self-healing and freedom if you so choose.

Coming July 2024!