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Reclaiming Sovereignty from the Ivory Tower

We have entered a window of time where we have the opportunity to create a new and beautiful world for all souls - humans, animals & flora -  that call Earth home. One filled with abudance, peace and joy for all where we live in harmony with Mother Earth and Father Sky.

In order to access the energy to create this, we must first clear the trauma and forgive what we view as being "bad" or "evil".  

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Reclaiming Your Sovereignty
Private Session

Private session to heal the wounds and vows/contracts/oaths that led you to denouncing your soul's sovereignity.

When you reclaim you sovereignity, you take full control over your life.  No one can use your energy without yout conscous permission.  You can change how things effect you by changing the programming sourrounding it so you get the benefit without side effects.

It's time to embody your divinity and in that start to co-create with source energy.

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Heaven's Gate Activation
Guided Healing

We will walk together with your higher self facing what keeps you feeling separate from the light beyond Heaven's Gate.  You will face the true nemesis that lurks with in and question it's presence to find the healing needed to let it go. We will also face what keeps you separate from the abundance that Source desires to share with you.  This will allow you to confidently step through the gate, embrace the light fully, receive all Source wishes to share with you and allow you and your higher self to become ever closer.

Private 90 minute session

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Private Higher Self Illumination Healing© Sessions


Higher Self Illumination© Healing

Available Online via Phone/Zoom.

60 min - $100

Facilitating healing and channeling messages from Source, your higher self and spirit team to bring forth the healing and knowledge that is needed to for you to fully use your unique gifts and integrate with your truest self. 

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Holistic Web Design &
Virtual Assistance Services

Spiritual Tech Warrior

Holistic Web Design and Virtual Assistant Services

Do you have a Spiritual or Holistic business?  Do you struggle with technology and marketing such as your website, email marketing, events and online course content? This is not your genius and you are not meant to do it on your own.  Join forces with me and let me help you get your tech usage in order so that it benefits you instead of being a time suck. Learn More


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