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Tami Reagor

Creator of the Energy Healing Modalities:

Higher Self Illumination Alchemy©, Abundance Energetics© and Divine Feminine Renaissance©

Author of Unleash Your Inner Tiger: Strength, Beauty and Power
Speaker and Mentor

Welcome!  I am a spiritual explorer remembering and exploring my past lives to bring forth the forgotten ancient knowledge of my past and helping others to do the same.  I have lived many past lives in ancient lands – most of my memories seem to come from Egypt.  But I also have connection to Atlantis, Lumeria, Celtic lands, Age of Jesus and others.  In Egypt I was an Isis High Priestess and I worked with many of the Ancient Egyptian guides – Thoth, Sekhmet, Goddess Isis and Ma’at in my own practice and in sessions. 

Before discovering all of this, I started out playing with Eden Energy Medicine with a friend about 5 years ago and then I stumbled upon ThetaHealing (I believe it found me vs me finding it).  I quickly became a practitioner and instructor within 6 months of me falling in love with it.   

ThetaHealing® has changed my life in so many lives.  I do not recognize who I was almost five years ago - that person no longer exists.  Instead I am bolder, more confident, more connected to the Creator, and I have been able to grow into my soul's mission by doing things I never thought I would.  I teach in groups with ease, I wrote a book - Unleash Your Inner Tiger: Strength, Beauty & Power, I have been on stage with 100 people listening, I had my own radio show, and have been guests on other people's podcasts, and have written for magazines.  None of these were ever on my vision board, but because of ThetaHealing®, and other modalities that I have learned, the Universe delivered these opportunities to me and I took them with glee. 

Another thing I have been blessed with through ThetaHealing® and my own studies, is remembering how to do my own healing modality which I practiced in distant past lives which I call “Higher Self Illumination Healing”.  This focuses on the wounds and limiting beliefs that prevent you from more fully integrating your higher self’s gifts and knowledge into your daily life.  These could be things that prevent you from using or acknowledging your spiritual gifts, being able to manifest your dreams, remembering how to use an ancient technology among other things. 

We all have a soul mission – some big and some small and we all have the knowledge to bring them forth within our DNA.  But a lot of this knowledge is clouded by past / future life traumas that prevent us from remembering or activating them.  This is where I come in – I help you – guide and mentor you into remembering your own truths.  I do nothing outside of you – no bodywork – all the focus is on what lies within you waiting to be discovered. 

With Love,  

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