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Imagine if you knew exactly who you are and what you are here to do  You knew exactly what path to take and an idea where it was all leading. In doing so, being able to manifest it all in flow with the universe. 



Mastering Your Mastery


Embody the truth of who you & become the master of your own reality!


6-month Private Program

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A Unique & Custom Mentorship made just for YOU!


Working with your Higher Self, I will help you uncover the missing pieces from the past that are awaiting to be rediscovered.

Ever wonder?

  • What is my Soul's Purpose?
  • What am I supposed to be doing with my life?
  • Who have you been in other lifetimes?
  • What gifts and knowledge have you already mastered in other lifetimes?

Where has your soul traveled & explored?

High Priestess in Egypt (or Priest)?

Druid in Ireland? 

Mentorship with Merlin? 

Studied with Buddha or Jesus?

Every life has a purpose and there are details in those lives waiting for you rediscover them.

What have you mastered?

How to change lead into gold?

How to levitate? Teleport?

How to instantly manifest?

How to walk on water?

How to heal and balance Mother Earth?

Something no one has seen before?

The Mastering Your Mastery 


This program is for those that that are looking for focused support in creating the life their higher self (soul) is guiding them to embody.

This is for lightworkers, healers, artists/creatives, alchemists, business owners and anyone guided to do. so.

The program is customized to your needs, so you get the support and guidance to align to your true path and create the life your higher self desires for you to experience now.

The focus of this program is to:

  • Help you remember the past lives that your Higher Self deems important for this stage of your¬†awakening.
  • Heal the wounds of the past hiding the truth of who you are and¬†your ability to courageously be you.
  • Create Inspired Action Steps to create the life your soul's desires doing your soul's work.
  • ¬†Give you the tools you need to navigate your soul's journey in this life.

Mastering Your Mastery Mentorship 

6 Months

  • Weekly 75 minute private 1:1 sessions per month for duration of program.
  • An action plan to put your soul's vision into action.
  • Two 30-minute¬†Accountability calls per month for duration of the program.
  • Awaken the Millionaire Within Program
  • Higher Self Alchemy¬©¬†- Basic - Self-Healing
  • Awakening Your True Potential Program
  • Support between calls
  • Opportunities to share your soul's vision with the Sacred Blue Lotus Community.
  • and more...
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