Higher Self Alchemy©

An Energy Modality aligned with Source & Your Higher Self

Created by Tami Reagor

Higher Self Alchemy©

Energy Healing Modality - Created by Tami Reagor


This modality has come through years of diving into my own gifts and the knowledge I have mastered on my path. For months I was nudged by Thoth to do the work I was trained in to do it different and Higher Self Alchemy© was born out of that.

In this modality, we are focused on finding the energetic trauma that you experienced in past lives or inherited genetically that is preventing you from rebirthing yourself as the version created you to be - BOLD, BEAUTIFUL, ABUNDANT, JOYFUL & STRONG!

We work directly with your Higher Self(soul) and Source (creator/universe/god).

The teachings are guided by my Higer Self's guidance much of which comes from Ancient Egypt but I do pull in elements from Mary Magdelene/Jesus, Lumeria & Atlantis.

Higher Self Alchemy is offered in private sessions as Higher Self Illumination Healing©. (See below for more info on private sessions)

In the spring of 2022, I finally took the nudge to start teaching others this fascinating and fun modality. 

At the moment, I am only offering a Level 1 Self-Healing Class. (More info below)

In the near future, practitioner classes will become available. If you are interested in that, get yourself in the Level 1 - Self-Healing class because it all starts there.

Higher Self Illumination Healing©

Private Sessions

75 Minute - $150 
Available Online via Zoom

Working with your Higher Self and Source(creator), I help you find the missing links from your past lives and ancestors that are preventing you from fully stepping into YOUR POWER as Source created YOU TO BE.

This is NOT past life regression or hypnosis. Instead, I connect to your Higher Self and serve as an intermediary between you and them. I share what I what I hear or am shown.

I let your Higher Self guide us to the moments in the past that are causing you the most pain & suffering now. Your Higher Self knows exactly where they are.

I then put together all the clues your Higher Self provides and creates your story from that time. 

In doing so, we start to pull these memories up and out of your cells so you can:

  • Remember who you were at that time and anything else that your higher self feels is important.
  • Pull out and release the energetic threads that are causing you to repeat this experience over and over again so that the memory remains, but the emotional triggers do not.

Once the healing is complete, you will receive the Golden Threads from Source through the energy of the pyramid that contain your unique codes that restore your beliefs, DNA and emotional frequency back to your unique blueprint that was in place before the traumatic moment happened.

Session can assist with: OCD, anxiety, feeling stuck or alone, fear that keeps you stuck, breaking “bad” habits, self-confidence, grief & loss, family troubles, genetic trauma passed from generation to generation, developing your psychic abilities and more.

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Higher Self Alchemy©

Training Programs Available 


Basic - Self-Healing

Basic is for learning how to work with this energy on yourself only!

 Basic is a pre-requisite for any of the Practitioner Training.

Basic - Self Healing includes:

  • How to work your Higher Self to find the moments in the past that are causing your struggles today
  • How to clear them
  • How to download your own unique threads
  • How to work with your Higher Self to manifest your desires.

This is 8- module program.  

Registration is OPEN.

Email [email protected] for more information.

This energy modality requires you to step out of blame and take full responsibility for where you find yourself in your life now. (NO Excuses)

Practitioners Basic

Basic Self-Healing is a prerequisite.

More information coming soon!


Want to know more about learning how to do this modality, email¬†[email protected]